It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over! At least it was dry, even if much of it was blanketed in smoke. Unfortunately Kari and I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time on the water as we would have liked due to work and other commitments. Hopefully you were able to help compensate for our shortfall.

We had the Rock the Dock event at Bell Harbor way back in June. PC Mike and Sue Burke provided Friday’s taco dinner which was highlighted by margaritas made in the bow thruster margarita maker supplied by PC James and Julie Life. Live music was provided by JK3, and there was rumor of an uninvited guest lurking in the shadows. Saturday’s we had a “grill your own meat” dinner that was complemented with salads and corn provided by Kari and yours truly. Friday night’s live music was provided by The Tropics. Once again, we were fortunate to have very good weather for the weekend, and everybody appeared to have a great time. We had so much fun that the Brownsville Yacht Club (in the marina with us) specifically asked what weekend we would be back next year so they could plan their event at the same time again.

Kari and I spent the Saturday before Independence Day at the Bremerton marina where we ran into PC Dane and Terry Fantz, Paul and Liz Ellis, and the Massey clan. We watched an excellent fireworks show that was shot from the Manette Bridge, and will definitely be back next year!

As I said earlier, Kari and I ended up staying on land almost all of July and August, and missed the wine festival. Hope those of you who were there had a great time.

We finally found ourselves back on the water for last week’s crab derby in Oak Harbor. There were 18 HHYC boats in the marina. Our sincere condolences go to Keli Parrett who lost her mother just before event. She and Larry did an awesome job of planning the event, and left the hosting duties in the capable hands of PC Mike and Sue Burke. Thank you so much to Mike and Sue for stepping up and making this an awesome weekend! The weather was very good during the days, but quite windy at night. RC Jeff Quinn is our new Crab Master, and he would tell you the crabbing was awesome! The rest of us would tell you that the crabbing sucked and we can’t wait to be back in Anacortes next year. Much gratitude to our former crab master Steve Kaimmer for putting on this year’s derby. Kari won the new barnacle Bill award for catching the crab with the most barnacles, and has the hat to prove it.

We have secured the Eastlake bar and grill for our next 10 monthly meetings, so we hope to see you on the second Tuesday of each month (that’s September 11 this month) for great food and conversation. As always, you can arrive any time after 4:30, and the board meeting will start at 6:30 exactly.

See you soon,

Vic Portolese, Commodore