It may not seem like it when you look out the window, but the HHYC cruising season has begun for 2018! Many of us woke up to falling snow and white lawns on Friday the 30th. Thirteen boats and 32 members and one guest preserved through wind, snow, rain, hail, and even a little bit of sun to join the festivities. Tom Youngs hosted our guest for the weekend who was Isabella’s brother-in-law from Germany, Heinz. More on that later…

Our hosts Terry & Dane Fantz, and Liz & Paul Ellis, welcomed us with snacks for happy hour. Later our four hosts treated us to a hot stroganoff dinner, which was just what the doctor ordered on such a brisk day! After dinner, many of us retreated to the KCYC clubhouse to join our KCYC friends for drinks and conversation. It was a fun evening shared with great people!

Saturday morning started with a breakfast sandwich, cut fruit, and eye openers provided by our hosts. It was cool and dry all day, which was perfect for the local kids kite festival that saw at least 50 kites in the air. Later in the afternoon we all met back in the clubhouse for potluck appetizers and the day’s signature drinks. Glen and Debbie even came by ferry to hang out with us for a few hours! Paul Ellis served margaritas, and yours truly was at it again at the martini bar. As is often the case, the appetizers were excellent, resulting in a necessary delay before dinner. During the pre-dinner pause, several people told tales of past boating adventures to gain extra tickets for the evening’s raffle. Some of the stories may have been embellished a bit, but all was in good fun! Dinner included pasta with GARLIC-laden red and white sauces. Bread was accompanied by roasted GARLIC and butter. Cheesecake with Terry’s homemade raspberry compote was for dessert. We then retired to the Kingston Ale House for karaoke where owner (and KCYC member) Tony and staff gave us the warmest of welcomes. HHYC definitely showed its American Idol quality talent until the wee hours of the morning. Nearly every member of HHYC took their shot at the microphone, and there was even a bit of dancing.

Sunday began with bacon, eggs, and hash browns. During breakfast it was announced that Heinz had joined the club and is now our newest member. Welcome to HHYC Heinz! We are definitely looking forward to seeing pictures of you flying the HHYC burgee in European waters! Nearly everybody pitched in to help with the clubhouse cleanup after breakfast, which is always greatly appreciated by the hosts! Once clean, people headed to their boats and trickled out of the marina into calm seas and cool but dry skies. 

If this event is any indication of this boating season’s activities, we’re in for a great year! See you all at the Bacon Bash!

Be safe out there.

Victor Portolese