I’d like to start by thanking everyone who came to this year’s Commodore’s Ball. Special thanks to P/C Mary and Brian Scott who planned an excellent event at a great location! Several appetizers were served pre-function, with some of the best coconut shrimp I’ve ever had. The buffet dinner included chicken, beef, and truly excellent salmon. The side dishes and desserts were equally tasty. Many libations were consumed as expected! Our live entertainment for the night was the JK3 Band. They were arguably the best band we’ve had at a Hidden Harbor event since Kari and I joined the club. We took a break from the music for P/C Dane Fantz to shower last year’s event hosts and also acknowledged Sue Collins and the Soffels for the important roles they played this past year. It was at this point in the evening that we broke from tradition. It is customary for the flags to be passed down to the new bridge, but the majority of the bridge was not able to make it to the event. I’d like to personally wish Keli Parrett a speedy recovery, and ask Rear Commodore Jeff Quinn why I wasn’t invited to go on vacation with him! Commodore Vic (hey, that’s me) then expressed gratitude and presented a gift to P/C Dane for serving as last year’s commodore. I’d also like to acknowledge P/C Dennis Kroeger for putting together the picture book of past commodores. At the conclusion of the event, many of us retired to the presidential suite to continue the party. Many donned their HHYC pajamas, and consumed munchies and drinks until the wee hours of the morning. I should probably apologize for showing too much leg…. Those who stayed in the hotel met for the provided breakfast (yum!) the next morning, and had light conversation about the previous evening and the events coming this year. I’m sorry for those of you who missed this excellent event, and hope you’ll make plans to attend next year.

It looks like my hint about the vacant secretary’s position in last month’s commodore’s corner bore some fruit. Much thanks to Carol Soffel for stepping up and volunteering to fill the position for this year! Last month I also hinted that there would be a door prize given at the board meeting. Well, I got so caught up in the evening that I totally forgot to pick a winner. That means that there will be two door prizes given during the February 13 meeting. If I forget again, we’ll try again in March!

Fleet Captain Rick Lee made a valiant attempt at organizing an “Iron Chef” style event. Unfortunately it just couldn’t be pulled together at this time.

We don’t have a scheduled rendezvous for February, but I do know that planning for the Garlic Fest in March is well underway. Watch for the eVite and check the website for event updates.

Be safe out there!